RITEC - The Condition Monitoring Company (est. 1994), is the largest Predictive Maintenance (PdM) / Condition Based-Maintenance (CBM) company in the Middle East.

For more than 24 Years, throughout the MENA region, RITEC has been providing best-in-class premium reliability services, across several industries including: Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Petrochemical, Steel, Fertilizer, Cement, Marine, Pulp & Paper amongst many others.

Our repeat customers, improved uptime and reliability, reduced failure rates and maintenance costs are a testimony to our methodology and success.

  • 30+ Certified PdM Analysts
  • Over 1 Million Tests Annually
  • 4K Assets Monitored Monthly

Technical Services

RITEC, an ISO-9001 QMS and OHSAS-18001 Certified Company, provides complete services in Predictive Maintenance (PdM) / Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM), Precision Maintenance, Engineering Analysis and System Verification & Calibration Services.

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Training & Certification

As the sole representative of the Vibration Institute in the Middle East, RITEC provides Vibration Institute: Training Courses, Certification Examinations, and Membership Programs and Benefits.

The Vibration Institute’s training program follows ISO 18436 – Part 1, 2 & 3 and the certification program is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in conformance with ISO/IEC 17024-2012 and certifies Vibration Analysts Category – I, II, III & IV according to ISO 18436 - Part 2.

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Upcoming Vibration Institute ISO 18436 Courses Certification Examinations for CAT I-IV
Machinery Vibration Analysis (MVA)
  • September 16th - 19th 2018*
  • Cairo, Egypt
Examination Session
  • CAT I-IV
  • September 22nd 2018
Machinery Vibration Analysis (MVA)
  • October 6th - 10th 2018*
  • Al-Khobar, KSA
Examination Session
  • CAT I-IV
  • October 13th 2018
Practical Machinery Vibration (PMV)
  • December 9th - 12th 2018*
  • Cairo, Egypt
Examination Session
  • CAT I-IV
  • December 15th 2018
Introduction to Machinery Vibration (IMV)
  • February 2019
Examination Session
  • CAT I-IV
  • February 2019

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* Certification Examinations are conducted following each course for CAT I-IV at each examination session

We have found that RITEC and its personnel are professional, punctual and technically capable of handling issues of marine machine vibration and condition monitoring. We had major problems in a ships propulsion system. RITEC, through Vibration Analysis, was able to identify the main problems and recommend measures to rectify these problems. Later their team aided in laser alignment of the ship’s diesel engines and gearboxes.

Ship Owner – Director of Procurement

We have a long relationship with RITEC, such that we can attest to their capabilities and integrity in doing the required work. Their work experiences cover from the simplest sound and vibration measurements to the advanced measurement analysis and testing methods; including: modal testing, rotordynamic analysis, condition monitoring and balancing of flexible rotors.

Engineering Consultant - General Manager

RITEC was called-in to measure piping vibration and determine severity at various gas flow rates. Certain support adjustments were made based on RITEC recommendations. This greatly reduced the vibration levels to acceptable levels at higher flow rates.

Gas Derivates Plant – Technical Manager

RITEC measured the vibration on our fans, recommended maintenance actions, performed balancing and alignment, and also recommended and installed an online monitoring system. In addition structural stiffening was recommended by RITEC which resulted in much smoother operation of the fans.

Pharmaceutical Plant – Senior Manufacturing Process Engineer

We appreciate your professional approach to collect and analyze the data required… and thank you and your team for your work which lead to solve the problem of the gas generator high vibrations.

Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Company – Projects General Manager

RITEC provided us with vibration analysis services that are unique and quite useful. We find that their services are punctual and professional. They provide down to earth solutions to complex vibration problems using state of the art instrumentation and techniques.

Global Cement and Minerals Industries Equipment and Services Supplier – Resident Manager

I need to express my great gratitude for your support identifying the root cause of the high vibration problem of the two fan coolers. The vibration levels are now within the accepted limits after carrying out your recommendations.

Products & Solutions

RITEC designs & develops various Precision Maintenance & Engineering Analysis Tools, furthermore, through our principals; RITEC supplies and erects the leading Condition Monitoring Products and Solutions on the market.

The available products include: Vibration Data Collectors - Online Monitoring Systems - Laser Alignment - Automated Diagnostic Software - Balancing Software - Rotordynamic Analysis Software - Dial Indicator Alignment Kit & Software - Reliability Portal

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Vibration Accessories

Critical Machinery Diagnostics

Dial Indicator Alignment

Advanced Balancing Software

Reliability Portal

Portable Vibration Data Collectors

Rotordynamic Analysis Software

Laser Alignment